Panaderia Rosales Bakery

Telephone : 303-458-8420
Address : 2636 W. 32nd Avenue , Denver , CO , 80211

Panaderia Rosales was founded 36 years ago by the legendary Jose Rosales, the man who started it all along with his wife Ana Maria.

Being a family business, the operation was passed on to his daughters Laura, Raquel, and Josefina.We are committed to and thankful for our large customer base.

We continue to expand mostly through word of mouth.  Generations of satisfied customers continue to come back for more.  Our employees work with the highest standards and despite being only a handful of people involved in the business, we have the ability to fulfill any order size and quantity while reserving the same quality we are known for.

There are many bakeries around, but we still use the same traditional methods established since day one that were brought from the old country sources.  We are the only ones in the industry that continues using these traditions and methods.  Check out some of our traditional products that have been recently displayed in traditional history events and celebrations during special dates at the Denver Art Museum and the Museo de Las Americas.